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How about the gift of one in the world , welcome board  .. to your parents -to birthday of your frien..etc 


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           Artist Junko Kikuchi


Portrait drawing room to your visit everyone.

07/06/2016 10:26
For more information,please refer to the Japanese page. Please contact from inquiry form First to feel free to contact us. CONTACT AND ORDER
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We welcome board created !

28/05/2013 10:12
I can see from the " Photo Gallery " look good together really ♪ " Sakai Masato 's ☆ Kanno Miho " Congratulations on your marriage , and ! Do " but it is nice handsome man beautiful woman with two people was completed ☆  welcome board to Rassharu think couple 's marriage plans ,  I want...
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B5 Size!!

12/04/2013 13:15
  Drawn with colored pencil & pastel bread  ♪cute brother ♪ I've added a photo gallery to work ☆ Look at the world ☆
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" Contact and Order Form "

07/04/2013 14:39
    In the " contact and order form " It came to be able to " Attach File " ☆ If you can and click "Send" by attaching a photograph of the person you want to draw a portrait , ♪ that can be drawn immediately Please , we have order contact us wait feel free to contact us...
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11/12/2012 10:57
B4パンパステルの商品例を追加いたしました♪♪ 「商品」よりご覧下さい^^
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09/12/2012 13:22
ご注文をお考えのお客様へ!!何かご質問等ございましたら、まずFAQをご覧下さいませ☆ その他のご質問等もメールにて承っております。 お気軽にご連絡下さい☆  
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09/12/2012 13:18
女の子の似顔絵を追加しました☆ フォトギャラリーよりご覧下さい!
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07/11/2012 13:43
娘3歳6ヶ月をパンパステルにて描きました☆ フォトギャラリーよりご覧下さい!!
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Please feel free to contact us !

12/10/2012 13:42
  I began to think recently ... and is a figure painting portrait has been referred to as the portrait . Rather than draw portraits just called ... like somehow , and from experience have learned properly from basic drawing in an art college , Touch of pencil and light and shadow , just...
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At any time drawing accepting !

01/08/2012 06:03
  If it is possible to attach a photo by an inquiry form , It is can be passed in two weeks to one month or less. Details of the price , please refer to the  product More details , please see the  FAQ .
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