You paint a picture of how?

Please send a photo by mail or e-mail attachments .

Look at that picture , I draw using pastel and watercolor and colored pencil , pencil etc.

The photo is what is better ?

If you look at the natural light is evident , that bigger is better finish .

So drawn to the photo , children clothes may draw in that color , such as black or gray , for example.

Have requested such as , "I want it in a different color and the photo is" please let us know when you will send me your photos !

I will not be here , drawn by changing the color, etc. without permission .

Work because it is hand-painted one by one , can not be able to change your after finished.




Well as caricatures , but I'd like you to draw me to add what name and flowers , like the background ?

Of course you can !

Please tell us when you send your photo as well here!

Depending on what you draw , we may receive an additional fee .

Please note !


I'd like to return because the finish did not like ?

Sorry , other than the amount of damage during shipping , etc. , can not be able to return at all .

Please check prices and photo gallery , etc. , please order !

How long does it take for shipping ?

Work , we will deliver it by mail in Japan!

As soon as the shipment is ready , will guide you .

How to pay for the price ?

Price , we will transfer to the designated bank account .

Order has been determined, we will tell you more!

For more infomation,please refer to the japanese page.